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Next Steps

Your machine now has basic calibration complete. There are still many metrics to tweak and adjust as you go through the process of placing your first board. OpenPnP is a large and complex piece of software, and it will take time to get used to it.


Please fill out our survey about how setting up OpenPnP went for you. We appreciate your feedback so that we can continue to improve the setup process! (No spam or marketing, we just want your opinion.)

The following links are extra resources to help with calibration and OpenPnP.

Powered Photon Feeders
Follow this guide to install and set up your Photon Feeders if you haven't done it as part of your FTP.
Vision Pipeline Adjustment
Learn more about how to adjust your OpenPnO vision pipelines.
Job Setup
This is an incredibly useful document, illustrating the difference between parts, packages, and placements, and how to import information about your parts into the software. It shows the UI and explains what lots of things do, along with walking you through setting up a job. There's also information about setting up feeders.
Many folks in the community have developed mods and upgrades to the machine that are all organized here.
Qwertymodo Full Calibration Video
Community member Qwertymodo has put together a video of doing his calibration from scratch, instead of using the OpenPnP config files in the repository as a starting point. Many folks in the community have found it very useful, especially for understanding all the menus and features OpenPnP has to offer.