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Bottom Camera Position

Now that we know the offset from the top camera to the nozzle, we can use the nozzle to set our bottom camera position.

  1. Navigate to Machine Setup > Cameras > OpenPnpCaptureCamera Bottom. Select the bottom camera

  2. Click on the Position tab. Select the position tab

  3. Home your LumenPnP. Home the machine

  4. Select the Nozzle: N1 from the machine controls dropdown. Select nozzle from machine control dropdown

  5. Click the "Position tool over location" button to bring the left nozzle roughly above the bottom camera. Position the toolhead over the bottom camera

  6. Jog the toolhead until the left nozzle is directly in the center of the bottom camera's vision. Position the toolhead over the bottom camera precisely

  7. Click the "Capture Toolhead Location" button to calculate the correct position for the bottom camera. Make sure your Z height is at 31.5. If it isn't, manually enter 31.5 into the Z field. Store the camera location

  8. Click the Apply button to save the new camera position. Save the camera location

Next Steps

Next is Nozzle Tip Calibration.