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Your First Job - Introduction

What you'll learn

This guide walks you through setting up and completing your first placement job using the Getting Started Kit, included with the LumenPnP v3. Before going through this guide, make sure you've completed the Calibration guide to get your machine up and running.

It might be useful to refer to this guide again after you finish it the first time, since many of these steps will need to be performed for every new board and job you start. Take your time going through this the first time around and keep in mind that this process gets faster with experience.

Walkthrough Video

This walkthrough video shows the entire job setup process starting from the end of calibration. We highly recommend watching the video before walking through the docs for job setup.

What you'll need

  • A LumenPnP
  • The "Getting Started Kit" with:
  • 0603 Resistors and LEDs in 8mm tape
  • Universal Mounting Kit prints and hardware
  • Printed tray feeders

It's highly recommend to take some time to read through the OpenPnP Wiki. The OpenPnP documentation is much more in depth that this guide, as this guide is meant to get you up and running quickly with a known board and configuration. As you set up your own jobs, the OpenPnP documentation should be your primary reference.

Get Started with Installing Your Feeders.