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Change Machine Speed

If you'd like to update the max speed that OpenPnP commands the LumenPnP to run at, this is a guide for how to adjust it properly.

Avoid Axis Settings

Do not change settings in the ReferenceControllerAxis sections of your Machine Setup. These should be left as they are.

Marlin does an exceptional job of managing acceleration, jerk, and speed control. OpenPnP tries to brute these settings into the gcode stream, which can cause issues with other parts of the configuration.

  1. Go to Machine Setup > Drivers > GcodeDrivers > Driver Settings > Max. Feed Rate [/min]
  2. This field is the correct place to update the max movement speed of the LumenPnP for most operations.

Marlin Max Feed Rate

Note that the LumenPnP's firmware also has its own max feed rate. If you set the OpenPnP field to be higher than Marlin's allowed max, it will simply run at its highest allowed speed. If you'd like to change the firmware settings, check out Marlin's M203 command documentation.