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Connecting to the Motherboard

Take your LumenPnP and flip it up onto its haunches. You should see lots of cables loosely attached to the Frame Umbilical Mount, all looking for a home. We're about to give them one!

Plugging in

  1. We'll first start by plugging in the Y motors you routed behind the motherboard in Wiring the Y Motors. Plug the cable labeled Y1 into the left Y motor port on the motherboard, and plug the Y2 cable into the right one.

  2. Take the Bottom Camera USB cable and run it to the left across the staging plate, under the motherboard, and out the other side. Plug it into the USB port by the label Btm Cam. Store the excess cable underneath the motherboard.

  3. Now we'll do the same thing, but with the Top Camera cable. Guide it from the top left of the staging plate, underneath the motherboard from the top side, then out the side like the other USB cable. Plug it into the USB port by the label Top Cam and Store the excess cable underneath the motherboard.

  4. The rest of the cables can be routed without being tucked underneath the motherboard. Plug in the listed labeled cables into their respective ports, shown below:

Cable Label Mobo Label
Y1 Y (Left Port)
Y2 Y (Right Port)
XL X (Under Limit Switches)
ZL Z (Under Limit Switches)
YL Y (Under Limit Switches)
UL Btm Cam
DL Top Cam
Valve 1 (No Label) MOS2

Strain Relief

  1. Now that we have everything plugged in, it's time to attach all these loose cables to the frame. Use some Cable Clamps with some M3x14mm screws and M3 nuts to hold down the cables across the staging plate.

  2. Take your umbilical cable bundles and loosely secure them in place on the Umbilical Guide using two big zip ties. Don't tighten all the way yet; we still need to route the pneumatics.

Next steps

Continue to connecting the pneumatics.