Connect your LumenPnP to OpenPNP and perform basic calibration.

What you’ll learn

This guide is focused on performing basic calibration for your LumenPnP. Specifically it will test the motion system, and calibrate the cameras so that they can identify objects and apply offsets to the toolhead for precise part picking and placing. These steps are usually only necessary when first setting up a LumenPnP for the first time.

What you’ll need

  • A LumenPnP with the mechanical and electrical build completed.
  • Read through the OpenPnP Wiki. It’ll be super important to getting going with your machine. These docs are meant to augment the OpenPnP docs, not replace them.

Importing Config Files

Install OpenPNP and import default config

Connecting to Your Machine

Getting set up and connected to your LumenPnP using OpenPnP

Camera Fisheye Calibration

Applying fisheye calibration to the cameras

Homing Fiducial

Setting up the datum board and testing the homing fiducial

MM/pixel Calibration

Setting the millimeters per pixel value in OpenPnP

Backlash Compensation

Calibrating Backlash Compensation

Nozzle Offset Calibration

Calibrating the offset of the nozzle from the top camera

Bottom Camera Position

Setting the position of your bottom camera

Automatic Toolchanger Calibration

Calibrating automatic toolchanger movements

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