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Setting Pick Position

Now that you've loaded a component into the feeder, we'll fine-tune the feeder's position in OpenPnP and test picking a component.

  1. Mount your prepared feeder(s) to your LumenPnP. mounting feeder

  2. Re-home your LumenPnP if necessary to make sure its position is accurate. Home the LumenPnP

  3. In the Feeders tab, select your feeder from the list. Select Feeder from list

  4. Press Find to update which slot its installed in. Find Feeder Button

  5. Position the camera over the the feeder's location. Position Camera over Feeder

  6. Press The "Feed" button to make sure the feeder is working, and the tape is indexed properly. Feed Button with Tape

  7. Use the camera view to precisely target the center of the slot for one of the components. Center slot in feeder

  8. Press the "Capture Camera Location" to save the camera's position to the Part Offset settings. Capture Part Offset from Camera

  9. Confirm that the Slot Location's Z-axis position is around 14mm. We don't want the nozzle tip to crash into the feeder while fine-tuning it, so a higher number is better to start. Rough Z Location should be 14mm or more

  10. Select the correct toolhead you'll be using to pick this component from the Machine Controls dropdown. Activate correct toolhead

  11. Position your tool over the Part Offset location. Your nozzle tip should be hovering above the component. If the nozzle is not aligned correctly, you should adjust your nozzle offset. Position Nozzle over Part Offset

  12. Use the Jog controls to lower the nozzle tip until it is just touching the component in the slot. Jog Nozzle Z-axis

  13. Save the z-axis height with the "Capture Tool Location" button. Capture Tool Z Offset

  14. Click Apply to save the settings. Apply Feeder Offset

  15. Jog your machine away from the feeder. Jog Machine

  16. Use the "Pick" button to test picking the component. If it isn't picked appropriately you may need to tune the Part Offset, especially the Z-axis. Pick Component Button

  17. Click the Discard button under Machine Controls -> Special to discard the part.

  18. Repeat this tuning with each of your feeders.

Maintaining feeder position

After setting your pick position, we recommend keeping the feeders and machine powered. Powering down the machine can result in a slight change in position which could require resetting the pick position.

Next Steps

If you came here from the FTP documentation, your next step is Setting up the Board.