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This page is a central repository for debugging OpenPnP errors.

Placement Errors

You might have found an inaccuracy or error when placing parts. This page address these errors, and how to go about fixing them. You might encounter a couple of these errors at once, so choose one to address before moving on.

Miscellaneous Errors

Part not picking

part fails picking

If the nozzle is not picking parts consistently, there are a few potential root causes:

  • The vacuum sensor threshold is too sensitive. If you notice that your nozzle is attempting to pick a part, but seems to raise up too quickly, the vacuum sensor threshold value is incorrectly telling OpenPnP that it's successfully picked the part. This can be solved by tuning your vacuum sensor threshold value.
  • The feeder Z position is set too high. If the machine is told to pick a part slightly too high, the nozzle tip doesn't make a good seal on the part, and fails to pick. This is solved by adjusting the feeder's height.
  • Lack of suction force from the nozzle tip. Especially for the smallest N045 nozzle tip, some solder paste can get stuck in the tip, reducing suction force. If you cannot see a tiny circle of light shining through the tip when held up to a light, you might need to clean the tip with a thin wire and some isopropyl alcohol.

"No result found" error

no parts found error