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Loading Tape

This video shows how tape is loaded into the feeder, and the functionality of the buttons.

Keep In Mind

Don't worry if something in the video doesn't look exactly like what you have in the box. We’re constantly tuning and tweaking things to make them better and easier to use, so you might find things look slightly different.

Loading Tape in Feeder


See also the Feeder Buttons documentation for manually driving your feeders.

  1. Cut the tape straight across one of the indexing holes, leaving a semicircle. Cutting component tape cut tape with cut indexing hole

  2. Peel back a few millimeters of film. Peeling back tape with tweezers

  3. Feed the tape into the opening on the back of the feeder, film side up. Loading tape into the back of the feeder

  4. Align the semicircle in the tape to the first tooth on the drive wheel. Tape loaded into the feeder with the indexing hole on the drive wheel

  5. Guide the few millimeters of loose film out of the pick window. Holding tape film with tweezers

  6. Press and hold the forward button while pulling upwards on film. GIF Holding the forward button and pulling the film off the component tape

  7. Wrap the film around the feeder and guide it into the slot leading to the peel gears. GIF Wrapping the film around the feeder Film tucked into its guide slot

  8. Press and hold both buttons until the status light turns blue to switch into Peel mode. GIF pressing both buttons on the feeder

  9. Press and hold the forward button to spin the peel motor, and feed film in between the two straight gears. Stop when the film is taught.

    GIF loading film into the peel gears

    Watch Out

    Make sure that when you feed film into your peel gears, you guide the film away from the worm gear. It's important to prevent it from getting caught between the worm gear and a peel gear, as this can damage the peel gear. Ensure your film doesn't get caught when loading film. Film incorrectly stuck between peel and worm gear Film correctly flowing out the peel gears

  10. Check to make sure that the film is caught behind the peg that prevents the film from leaving the slot. Film tucked behind guide peg Film tucked behind guide peg angle 2

  11. Tap the forward button to feed a part and ensure that the tape is loaded correctly. You need to feed the feeder at least once to ensure consistent feeding in the future. GIF successful feeding

Next Steps

Last is Setting Pick Position.