Bottom Camera Position

Setting the position of your bottom camera

Now that we know the offset from the top camera to the nozzle, we can use the nozzle to set our bottom camera position.

  1. Make sure that you have the N1 nozzle selected from the drop down beneath the camera view in OpenPnP.
  1. Select the bottom camera in the device tree. Click on the Position menu tab. Click on the icon with the red nozzle in blue circle (shown below) to jog the nozzle to the bottom camera position.

  2. The left nozzle will now move to be pretty close to the bottom camera inspection location, but it likely won’t be exact. It’s also possible that the tip of the nozzle is not in focus from the fisheye calibration step; adjust the bottom camera focus by turning the lens until the nozzle tip is sharp and in focus.

  3. Jog the nozzle to be perfectly centered over the bottom camera, and click on the blue nozzle icon to capture the position (see image below). Your bottom camera position is now saved!