Wiring and Pneumatics

Wiring up motors, sensors, and cameras and installing pneumatic tubing.


This section is all about plugging stuff in! This is where we’ll route and plug in all the cables, along with all the pneumatic tubing. We’ll also be making a couple umbilical harnesses, so break out that heat gun!

Wiring the Y Motors

Routing and connecting the Y motor cables

Sheathing the Umbilicals

Creating the two umbilical cables in the machine

Routing the Y Gantry Umbilical

Connecting and securing the Y gantry umbilical cable

Routing the X Gantry Umbilical

Connecting and securing the X gantry umbilical cable

Connecting to the Motherboard

Plugging in all the cables in the machine into the motherboard

Connecting the Pneumatics

Making all the pneumatic connections in the machine