Actuator Check

How to check the actuators on your LumenPnP


The first and most important actuator on your LumenPnP is the vacuum pump. We can check this by sending more Gcode to the machine. Send the first line to turn on the pump, and the second one to turn it back off.

M106 ;turn MOS1 on
M107 ;turn MOS1 off


We can also check the blowoff valve. This can be tested using the Gcode below. Listen for a slight click when each of the commands are run; this is the sound of the valve actuating!

M106 P1 S255   ;turn MOS2 on
M107 P1        ;turn MOS2 off

It’s worth noting that MOS3 and MOS4 can be actuated using the following commands (when something is plugged into those ports):

M106 P2 S255   ;turn MOS3 on
M107 P2        ;turn MOS3 off
M106 P3 S255   ;turn MOS4 on
M107 P3        ;turn MOS4 off

Ring Lights

Check the ring lights using the Gcode below. Note that both lights are controlled together, with the same command. You can edit the color of the lights by adjusting the R, U, and B terms in the command, and you can edit the brightness by editing the P term. For more information, check the Marlin Docs page on M150.

M150 P255 R255 U255 B255   ;turn on ring lights
M150 P0                    ;turn off ring lights

If you’d like to change the brightness that your ring lights actuate to during a job, you can edit the P value in this section of the “Machine Setup” tab in OpenPnP:

Vacuum Sensors

Now we can check the vacuum sensors. First, check the value from the first vacuum sensor before and after a vacuum is pulled to check that it’s working correctly. You should see that the values are different by about 200.

M3426 G4 C1 I1 A110   ;read vac 1 value
M106                  ;turn on the pump
M106 P1 S255          ;turn on the valve
;cover the nozzle with your finger and wait two seconds
M3426 G4 C1 I1 A110   ;read vac 1 value again
M107                  ;turn off the pump
M107 P1               ;turn off the valve

It’s also worth noting the command for reading the second vacuum sensor. Until pneumatics for a second nozzle are plumbed in, the second one will only ever read ambient pressure.

M3426 G4 C2 I1 A110  ;read vac 2 value