Install THT Components

Instructions about how to install the THT components into a LumenPnP Motherboard

There are five types of connectors that need to be soldered into your motherboard. We’ll go over each one, and how to solder them in place.

Screw Terminal

In your connector bag you’ll find a screw terminal connector. This provides power to the machine, and goes into the J12 footprint on the upper-right corner of the board. Ensure that the openings that accept the power cables are facing outwards.

IDC Connectors

The IDC connectors are the larger, black connectors in your connector bag. There are only two sizes, a 2x3 for feeder communication, and three 2x6 for the auxillary ports. Be sure to solder them the correct orientation. The slot on the connector should match up with the silkscreen.

JST XH Connectors

The bulk of the connectors on the board are JST XH connectors. These come in two, three, and four pin variations. The two pin connectors are for the mosfets, the three pin connectors are for the servos, limit switches, and ring lights, and the four pin connectors are for the stepper motors.

USB A Connectors

There are three USB A connectors that need to be soldered into the board as well. Two of these are for the webcams, and the third is for future functionality. We recommend soldering the large structural tabs in place first, then soldering the four data pins afterward.

Stepper Motor Driver Headers

The last connectors that need to be soldered into the board are the 1x8 Dupont 0.1" headers for the stepper motor drivers. Two connectors need to be soldered for each driver. We recommend soldering a single pin in place first while getting the connector to stay flat, then do the rest of the pins after the orientation is solidified. Orientation does not matter for these connectors.

Next steps

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