Mechanical Assembly

Assembling the frame of the LumenPnP

This section is about building the mechanical frame of the machine. Bolting prints and extrusion together, getting motion systems set up, and adjusting roller and belt tension.

Make sure you have all your tools at the ready, and let’s get going.

Printing Parts

Printing all the parts necessary for the build

Belt Tensioners

Assembling the belt tensioners used throughout the machine

Left Side

Assembling the left side of the machine

Right Side

Assembly of the right side of the machine

Connecting the Sides

Attaching the left and right sides of the machine together

Y Gantry Assembly

Assembling the Y Gantry

X Gantry Assembly

Assembling the X gantry

Mounting the X Gantry to the Y Gantry

Attaching the X gantry to the Y gantry

Mounting the Y Gantry to the Frame

Mounting the Y Gantry subassembly to the frame of the machine

Attaching Belts

Attaching and tensioning belts for the X and Y gantries

Populating the Staging Plate

Mounting components to the staging plate